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Defender · of · Amber

Protector of the people

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Benedict has just entered his room, and closed and locked the door behind him. He removes his short sword, and lays it across the bed. Out of habit, Ben starts to systematically check the room. For traps, compartments, hidden stuffs.

His mind is elsewhere, though. He's not sure how safe he really is in Random's old room. He can't think of any real reason Random might have to off him, other than just have him out of the way. He likes Random, he thinks he's funny, and breath of fresh air from the distasteful political going-ons of Amber.

Still. You never trust a brother.

* * *
Seated in the Great Library, reviewing old maps of Avalon, before her fall. Planning a trip there? Possibly. Maybe he's planning to go there and set up defenses. Perhaps he's already deciding how the best attacks on the city would be played, just so he could better counter and choke off such advances. Trying to create and properly defend his own vacation spot? Guilty.

Wanting out of the political games? Definitely.

* * *